What Benefits Are Offered by Blue Cross Select?


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Blue Cross Select offers benefits such as vision care, 80 percent coverage of PharmaCare-eligible prescription drugs and prescription drugs that are not PharmaCare-eligible. It also covers some of the costs of registered therapists and health practitioners visits. For clients who need hospitalization, Blue Cross Select covers all costs for acute care in semi-private or private hospital rooms. The plan covers the fees for ambulances and the costs of medical supplies and services, according to Pacific Blue Cross.

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Business Select was designed for small businesses with two or more employees. The core plan offers up to 80 percent coverage for products related to health care that are not covered by the government, says Pacific Blue Cross.

In terms of health practitioners and registered therapists, Business Select covers services offered by psychologists, massage therapists, speech pathologists, naturopaths and physiotherapists. It also covers services provided by podiatrists, acupuncturists, nutritionists, and audiologists, notes Pacific Blue Cross.

In addition to the core plan, Business Select offers an added dental plan, which comes with two options: Basic Care and Major Care. The Basic Care option covers basic dental work and maintenance. It includes services such as periodontal cleaning and preventive treatments. The Major Care option covers replacement of missing teeth and restoration, according to Pacific Blue Cross.

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