What Are the Benefits of a MyMerrill Online Account?

What Are the Benefits of a MyMerrill Online Account?

The MyMerill online account allows a customer to view account data online for Bank of America. Additional benefits include security of the information, quicker access to data, convenience and flexibility.

The MyMerill online account is secure because records are only accessed through the MyMerill Web page. The customer signs in using a user name and password. Alerts are sent via email when documents are available for viewing; confidential information, however, is not relayed through email.

The other advantage of the MyMerill account is the promptness of receipt of documents as documents are instantaneously available online, whereas they take up to three days by conventional mail. The online account also saves on paper.

Setting up the online account is easy and takes about three minutes. The customer can tailor the directives on document delivery for all existing accounts and any future accounts with the bank. The customer can correspondingly also the instructions for each account.

The example of documents accessible online include bank statements, performance reports, notices and disclosures, tax reports, shareholder communication, and trade confirmations. Customers can choose which items they would like to view online. Instructions may allow a detailed report to be viewed online and a summary sent by email.