What Are the Benefits of Medicaid Health Coverage?


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There are many standard Medicaid benefits, including inpatient and outpatient hospital services, nursing facility services, family planning services and transportation to medical care. Medicaid optional benefits are state specific. Though states are required to provide mandatory Medicaid services, they may choose whether or not they will cover optional Medicaid benefits.

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Mandatory Medicaid benefits include the Early and Periodic Screening Diagnostic and Treatment benefit for children under the age of 21. The goal of this benefit is to identify medical issues early on and perform diagnostic tests if needed. Children are covered for periodic, age-appropriate health exams. Children are also covered for medicine or treatment needed to treat health issues.

Another mandatory Medicaid benefit is Nursing Facility Services. This benefit covers skilled nursing services, rehabilitation after illness, injury or disability, and long-term care. Long-term care is provided for individuals who need regular health-related care for a physical or mental condition. Services must be provided in nursing facilities that are licensed and certified in their state as a Medicaid Nursing Facility. Medicaid covers nursing facility services only when patients have no other payment options available. Medicaid insurance provides Nursing Facility Services coverage to individuals 21 and older who are found to be in need of care.

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