What Are Some Benefits of a Loan From America's Servicing Company?


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America's Servicing Company is a subsidiary of Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, so its customers receive the same level of service as Wells Fargo Home Mortgage customers, according to Wells Fargo. American Servicing Company customers can also access home buying planning tools on the official Wells Fargo website.

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Wells Fargo offers a variety of mortgage options for home buyers, including fixed rate and adjustable rate mortgages, as stated on the company's website. Buyers can research loan options on Wells Fargo's website or call a local Wells Fargo mortgage consultant. Wells Fargo finances FHA, VA and Jumbo loans for qualifying borrowers. Home owners can also access renovation and new construction loans with Wells Fargo. America's Servicing Company mortgage holders can access these services through Wells Fargo as part of their mortgage.

The majority of America's Servicing Company's mortgages originated from lenders other than Wells Fargo. The original lenders packaged these mortgages into securities and sold them on the secondary market, when Wells Fargo purchased them. Although Wells Fargo did not originate or underwrite most of the loans, the company services them under the America's Servicing Company name, states Wells Fargo.

Current borrowers and co-borrowers can access the America's Servicing Company website. The site requires a user name and password to view mortgage information.

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