What Are Some Benefits of Leasing Land in Georgia?


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One benefit of leasing land in Georgia is that it can be used as a source of dependable hunting year round. Another benefit is that when available, leasing land on the property of a person's house can save that person significant money in a real estate transaction and make the home more affordable.

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Hunting leases are common in southern states because much of the undeveloped land in states such as Georgia is owned and managed by industrial timber companies. When not being used for harvesting timber, land is sometimes available to be leased by hunters and hunting organizations seeking a private areas to hunt year round. Often, this land is specifically managed by companies to be more attractive to potential lessees, so plant and animal life tends to be optimal on a private hunting land lease. Hunting leases in southern states are also attractive to hunters who dislike the harsh weather during hunting seasons in northern states.

In Georgia and many other states, owners of developed or undeveloped property may sell leases to their land. In this type of deal, the lessee purchases the building or the rights to develop on the land but leases the land itself. For a person buying or developing property for a home or business, this option often drops the purchasing price to a much lower level for the buyer.

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