What Are Some of the Benefits of Kaiser Permanente Health Care?


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Kaiser Permanente health care offers 24-hour medical advice, online appointment setting, access to online health records and test results, individual doctor profiles, and multilingual doctors and interpretation services, according to its website. Medical professionals answer health questions over the phone or by email, and doctors use electronic health records to track a patient's medical history.

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Some benefits Kaiser Permanente provides in many of their plans, as of 2015, include a $50.00 copayment for the first three office appointments with a primary care physician, no charge for preventive care services, and outpatient mental health care coverage, explains its website. Subscribers receive prescribed contraceptives at no charge, with no deductible costs. The Kaiser Permanente Copayment Gold plan provides no annual deductible, and a $20.00 copayment covers many services, including primary care office visits. Many of Kaiser Permanente's plans give subscribers a 90-day supply of approved prescriptions for the cost of a 60-day supply when ordered via mail.

Kaiser Permanente offers several different plans, each of which has a different deductible cost and monthly premium. Available plans and rates vary according to the subscriber's physical address, age, tobacco use and the effective date of enrollment. Annual deductible amounts range from $0.00 to $13,700, while maximum out-of-pocket charges are $5,000 to $13,700. Different copayments and coinsurance apply to specialty and non-preferred drugs.

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