What Are the Benefits of a JCP Card?

The benefits of a JCPenney credit card include access to a rewards program that allows members to earn one point per $1 spent on eligible purchases and special promotional financing as of 2015, according to the official website. Cardholders can redeem rewards at customer service stations or online at JCPennyRewards.com.

The JCPenney reward program offers three credit card levels in which members who reach higher levels enjoy more benefits, states the website. Members who earn at least 100 points per month receive a $10 JCPenney Reward. Cardholders can earn up to 10 rewards every month. Special promotional financing applies to a variety of items, including furniture, home decors, mattresses, jewelry and window treatments.

Individuals who want to obtain a JCPenney Gold credit card must spend a minimum of $500 using their JCPenney cards within two or more shopping days, says the website. JCPenney Gold card users enjoy special discounts and $10 coupons. JCPenney Platinum credit card users enjoy $10 and $15 coupons, special discounts and free shipping events. The main requirement to qualify for the card is a minimum spending of $1,000.

To sign up for an online account, cardholders should go to the official website, click My Account and select Register Here. Online members can view their purchase history, request credit line increase, pay online and check available rewards.