What Are the Benefits of Investing in SIRI Stock?


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From late 2013 through late 2014, the benefits of investing in Sirius stock, the stock symbol for which is SIRI, included an increased return on equity, increased net income growth and a significant, company-reported increase on the earnings per share, as noted by The Street. The company's stock had retained its "buy" status.

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Sirius enjoyed strong financial stability, and in late 2013 the stock traded at as much as 51 times earnings, competing strongly with stocks of large and expensive companies such as Viacom and Twenty-First Century Fox, according to Investor Place. Investing in Sirius thus had several benefits. SIRI had been reporting positive and significant increase in earnings per share. The 2013t profit margins were 61.83 percent, which is an indicator of the company’s stability, and the company had been expanding in market segments such as telematics.

SIRI stock consistently had been "buy" because its strengths had more influence than its weaknesses. The strengths of the stock, such as an increase in return on equity and revenue growth, outweighed its poor performance on the stock exchange. This rating means that investors stood to benefit more from investing in the stock than the stocks of other companies, claims The Street.

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