What Are Some Benefits of InterGlobal Health Insurance?


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Some benefits of InterGlobal health insurance include coverage for inpatient and day care costs, coverage for emergency treatment, coverage for evacuation to the closest suitable healthcare facility or to a healthcare facility in the policyholder's country of choice, and oncology care. Depending on the policy, other benefits InterGlobal offers include maternity care, dental care and hearing exams, according to Aetna.

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The International Healthcare plan from InterGlobal, owned by Aetna, offers four different coverage tiers. Each coverage tier provides coverage of medical expenses up to $1.6 million per person as well as coverage for emergency care and evacuation, explains Aetna. Higher policy tiers include coverage for outpatient expenses, prescriptions, chronic condition management and dialysis. In the highest policy tier, Aetna provides maternity and dental benefits.

The UltraCare plan features a $1.5 million coverage maximum per person as well as coverage for cancer care and outpatient surgery, notes Aetna. The higher tiers of this plan feature coverage for regular health and dental checkups as well as coverage for vision and auditory exams. Aetna also offers an UltraCare plan specifically for individuals who teach overseas. Policyholders can purchase additional coverage options to add onto an UltraCare plan, such as coverage for personal accidents or maternity expenses. In addition, Aetna offers an UltraCare policy specifically for individuals living in China.

With the mobile healthcare plan, Aetna offers policyholders United States' style insurance coverage in any location in the world, explains the insurance provider. Aetna designed this plan for American expatriates, and the plan features a 24-hour support team, coverage for wellness and preventive care expenses, and coverage for maternity expenses or expenses related to pregnancy complications. Policyholders can choose from a range of deductibles for this plan, and the plan features a maximum coverage limit of $2 million per person.

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