What Are the Benefits of Intensive Crop Farming?

The benefits of intensive crop farming are high crop yields, a reduction in the price of farm produce and use of less land. Intensive crop farming is very economical. Furthermore, the Environmental Protection Agency has rules that farmers must follow, making this type of farming healthy and safe.

The aim of intensive crop farming is to get the most yield from the available resources. It helps in the production of large quantities of food, making it more available to the growing population. The increased supply of food reduces the price and makes it more affordable to most people. This has, to a great extent, helped to curb world hunger by ensuring common people can afford food.

This farming method allows farmers to grow large amounts of food on less land. This makes it easier for farmers to meet the demands of consumers by growing even more food on the available land. With intensive crop farming, farmers need less equipment, land and other requirements, making it a very economical farming method.

The Environmental Protection Agency has set rules and regulations for intensive crop farming. It dictates how much chemicals and pesticides farmers can use on these crops. Farmers must follow these rules, ensuring their yield is healthy and safe for consumers.