What Benefits Are Included in an Aetna PPO Dental Insurance Plan?

An Aetna Preferred Provider Organization dental insurance plan offers the choice of any desired licensed dentist, has lower costs when selecting a PPO network-participating dentist, does not require a referral and does not have copays for office visits, states Aetna. Coinsurance applies, meaning that a policyholder pays a percentage of covered costs when receiving dental service.

Referrals are not necessary, allowing policyholders to receive dental care from another dentist without the need for recommendation from the primary care dentist, notes Aetna. While policyholders have to pay for procedures that are not covered by their PPO plans, they enjoy discounts for such procedures if they choose participating PPO dental professionals.

PPO dental insurance policyholders pay deductibles before their chosen plans start paying for dental services that are not fully covered, explains Aetna. A PPO dental insurance plan also imposes an annual limit on the costs that the company pays for covered benefits.

Aetna features an online directory that lets policyholders find participating dentists, according to the company. This directory enables users to search by miles, zip code, specialty or name. Searching by county and state or city and state is also possible. To know if a certain treatment is covered, a policyholder can request a dentist to send a pretreatment estimate to Aetna. Policyholders may call Aetna's toll-free customer service number for further inquiries.