What Benefits Are Included in the Aetna Choice POS II Health Care Plan?


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As of 2016, the Aetna Choice POS II health care plan offers benefits including a 10-percent coinsurance cost for visiting an in-network primary care provider or specialist and a 30-percent coinsurance cost for seeing an out-of-network provider of either type, explains Adobe Systems Incorporated. There is no charge when members seek preventative care or immunizations from an in-network provider.

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Under the Aetna Choice POS II plan, there is a 10-percent in-network and 30-percent out-of-network coinsurance cost for members receiving diagnostic or imaging tests, notes Adobe Systems Incorporated. Examples of diagnostic costs include X-rays and lab work, while Aetna classifies services such as CT scans, MRI scans and PET scans as imaging tests.

For generic drugs, members who receive prescriptions from in-network providers pay $15 per retail prescription and $30 per mail-order prescription, describes Adobe Systems Incorporated. When coming from an out-of-network provider, the cost is 50 percent coinsurance after a $15 copay for retail prescriptions, and mail-order prescriptions are not covered. There are higher costs for preferred-brand, nonpreferred-brand and specialty drugs.

There is a 10-percent coinsurance cost for emergency room visits and a 50-percent coinsurance cost when visiting emergency rooms for non-emergencies, states Adobe Systems Incorporated. Members pay 10 percent coinsurance when visiting in-network urgent care centers and 30 percent coinsurance for out-of-network urgent care centers.

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