What Are the Benefits of HumanaChoice PPO?


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Individuals covered by the HumanaChoice Preferred Provider Organization plan receive such benefits as low monthly premiums, having the freedom to see the doctor of their choice, coverage for prescription drugs that mimics or surpasses Medicare Part D coverage and international emergency room coverage. In-network providers may cost less.

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The HumanaChoice(PPO) plan is designed for budget-oriented individuals who are not satisfied with Humana's in-network selection of physicians and want more coverage than what Medicare offers. Although in-network physicians cost less than outside physicians, the plan's set co-payments make it simple for individuals to predict how much visits may cost. While other plans may require referrals to see out-of-network physicians, HumanaChoice(PPO) gives patients the freedom to see these types of physicians without referrals.

Individuals under this plan receive all of the benefits that Medicare-covered individuals receive, though this may require all routine care exams to be conducted by in-network providers. While this coverage includes Medicare coverage and Medicare Part D coverage for prescriptions, individuals are expected to continue paying for their Medicare Part B premiums.

As of 2015, there are three main options for the HumanaChoice(PPO) plan, each of which offer different coverage options, premiums and maximum out-of-pocket costs. Some offer more coverage options than basic Medicare plans, while others are very similar to Medicare.

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