What are the benefits of having a diverse workforce?


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Increased creativity, increased productivity, increased adaptability, variety of viewpoints and broader service range are some benefits of having a diverse workforce. Diverse workforce means having a workforce with people from a wide range of backgrounds, such as people from different races, genders, ages, work experiences and religious beliefs. An organization with a diverse workforce benefits from the different perspectives, experiences and talents of its employees.

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Malcolm Forbes defined diversity in simple terms as ���the art of thinking independently together.��� The collective thought of a diverse workforce not only fosters innovation by encouraging creativity, but it also opens up a wealth of possibilities. Different thinking and operating styles, along with varied range of problem-solving and decision-making skills results in numerous and a wide range of solutions to organizational problems.

A diverse workforce also means that the organization is well-equipped to understand the needs and demands of a wide range of customers. It helps to effectively interact and serve a broad client base and, in turn, broadens the service range of the organization.

Productivity gets a boost from a diverse workforce as individual employees are able to help and learn from each other. New ideas, as results of different perspectives, are a norm in a diverse workforce. Also, a diverse workforce has a positive influence of the morale of employees as a result of greater interaction.

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