What Are the Benefits of Having a 401(k) Through Principal Financial Group?


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The 401(k) plans offered by Principal Financial Group are tailored to different types of businesses and organizations, and include third-party administrators and full-service arrangements, according to Principal. They also include additional educational services and assistance. The company waives the fee if services are not up to the standards of the employee or employer.

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A good benefit to the 401(k) plans at Principal Financial Group is that there are many options available, including plans for large corporations, start-up businesses and everything in between, notes Principal. In addition to 401(k) plans, Principal also has other retirement benefit programs, such as 401(a) and 403(b) plans. The 401(k) plans are for all forms of businesses, including union organizations, governmental organizations, tax-exempt companies and for-profit businesses.

People who participate in the 401(k) plans by Principal Financial Group receive access to additional support to learn about retirement programs and how to plan for retirement, says Principal. For employers who want to give their employees more options, they can choose the Principal Total Retirement Suites plans. These are packages that offer multiple plans so that employees can choose custom retirement plans for their needs.

Another benefit of choosing Principal Financial Group is that the company is one of the top providers for 401(k) plans, according to Principal. Employees are given the option of rolling over funds from previous employer plans as well. Principal makes it easy to find a local advisor by entering a ZIP code with the online search tool.

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