What Benefits Does the Harris County Hospital District Gold Card Offer?

The Gold Card system is no longer in use by the Harris County Health System, explains the Houston Chronicle. As of 2016, the Harris County Health System is offering the My Harris Health program. This program is not an insurance plan, but instead is a pay on-demand program where participants pay for medical services when needed, reports the Harris Health System.

To be eligible for the My Harris Health program, applicants must be residents of Harris County, and ineligible for Medicaid, Medicare or Affordable Care Act marketplace coverage, or any other type of insurance coverage, states Harris Health System. In addition, an applicant's eligibility is based on household income and the number of dependents.

A program participant is not responsible for making any payments until he has received services, notes Harris Health System. After a participant receives care at one of the system's hospitals or clinics, he begins making a monthly payment. The program requires one payment per household, which is applied to a participant's bill in addition to other discounts. For prescriptions, participants pay $15 for each prescription up to a $50 maximum per pharmacy visit. Participants are responsible for a $75 co-pay for emergency visits.

To apply for My Harris Health, print an application from the program's website and complete it, reports Harris Health System. Next, call to schedule an appointment for an in-person interview with an eligibility counselor. Take the required documents to the interview including your and your spouse's identification, proof of address, proof of your relationship to your dependents, and evidence of your household's gross income. In addition, you must furnish proof of your immigration status as well as proof of any current medical coverage. Applicants with Medicare must complete a Medicare Asset form.