What Are Some Benefits of the Green Dot MoneyPak Card?

What Are Some Benefits of the Green Dot MoneyPak Card?

The Green Dot MoneyPak card provides consumers with a convenient method for loading cash onto a debit card and to pay for items through a PayPal account, according to PayPal. This card can be ordered online for free or purchased at a retail store for about $4.95, as of 2015.

Customers can load money onto their Green Dot cards online, through a bank transfer and at a local retailer, such as Wal-Mart. Card users can even deposit a printed pay check onto their card at Wal-Mart stores, notes Green Dot.

There are no overdraft fees, credit check or minimum balance required. Green Dot is FDIC insured, so customers have deposit insurance on the money on their cards. Using this card does not affect one's credit score in any way.

The card does have a monthly maintenance fee and other fees for using it. However, there are ways customers can avoid these fees by meeting a few requirements, such as making 30 qualifying purchases or loading $1,000 onto the card in a month.

It's also easy to get cash back from a Green Dot card with 22,000 free-to-use MoneyPass ATMs available. Use the ATM to check the card balance, or go online and log onto the mobile website to check the balance.