What Benefits Are Given to Retired Air Force Personnel?


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Benefits given to retired Air Force personnel include health care programs, commissary and Base Exchange benefits, life insurance, disability retirement and base access. Other benefits include special retirement homes, death benefits and space available travel.

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Retired Air Force personnel receive medical and dental care coverage without premium pay. They retain their rank and receive a retired reserve identification card that grants unlimited access to base commissaries and exchanges, where product prices are lower than in civilian stores. An Air Force retiree is eligible for Veterans Group Life Insurance (VGLI) without proof of good health or they may enroll in VGLI with proof of good health for up to one year after retiring.

The VGLI offers five-year renewable life insurance of the highest amount the reservist qualified for before retiring. Air Force personnel may retire with less than 20 years of service due to healthy disability. Such retirees are accorded retirement pay and benefits according to the years of service, disability rating and whether the disability is service related. Retired reservists retain their rank as members of the reserve component.

Retired Air Force personnel are eligible for unlimited use of military commissaries and recreational facilities with local command approval. They are entitled to stay in Air Force retirement homes, where special facilities are provided. Nursing homes are provided for those who need more intensive care. Retired Air Force personnel are accorded financial help, practical assistance and military protocol upon their demise. Retirees and their families can get seats on government aircraft on a space-available basis.

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