What Are the Benefits of Founders Auto Insurance?

Founders Insurance Company auto insurance covers medical and financial expenses for private automobile owners; it specializes in nonstandard insurance coverage and extends coverage to people who may not otherwise be accepted into insurance plans because of prior accidents, driving incidents and citations. Founders auto insurance provides customers with extensive coverage at competitive rates, notes the company's official website. Its services are available to customers in Illinois, Ohio, Wisconsin and Indiana as of 2015.

Founders auto insurance extends to many types of vehicles including lightweight commercial vehicles. Its nonstandard policies make this company's insurance accessible to a variety of people, including those living in high-crime areas, people with high-performance vehicles, individuals who have poor driving records and new drivers who have no previous insurance coverage. For these individuals, Founders provides flexible underwriting and insures even those with prior losses, depending on state allowances, according to FoundersInsurance.com. The company offers low monthly payments and has specials, discounts, deductibles and additional optional coverage to help customers maximize their insurance plans according to their needs and budgets.

In addition to offering car insurance for private drivers, Founders has insurance plans for commercial vehicle operators, notes the company's website. Its light commercial auto plan covers drivers who use their cars for transport, delivery and sales. However, commercial vehicles are subject to certain restrictions such as the radius of geographical travel and the vehicle's weight.