What Are Some Benefits of the First Bank Card?

What Are Some Benefits of the First Bank Card?

Benefits offered to First Bankcard customers include fraud protection, free FICO scoring and a variety of cash rewards, as of 2015. The commercial benefits for business credit cardholders include theft and damage protection and monthly activity reports. Travelling First Bankcard customers are eligible for discounts, claims First Bankcard.

The First Bankcard protects cardholders against fraud by monitoring credit activity and providing customers with zero liability and guaranteed credit for any unauthorized transactions if their card is lost or stolen, states First Bankcard.

First Bankcard works with FICO in order to provide cardholders with the additional benefit of a FICO score free of charge, explains the website. Financial institutions use FICO scores to determine the financial standing of individuals who require credit.

When using their First Bankcard to purchase tickets, cardholders are eligible for travel insurance in cases of accidents or lost or damaged luggage. Car rental discounts are an additional benefit to First Bankcard customers, states First Bankcard.

Businesses that use the First Bankcard receive monthly management reports that track employee credit card activities and offer a record of tax-deductible expenses, as well. First Bankcard customers are eligible for cash and points rewards on all credit card purchases. First Bankcard also helps cardholders establish and build credit, notes the company website.