What Are Some Benefits of FEP BlueVision?

FEP BlueVision offers routine eye examinations free of charge for the plan member and his family. The plan provides a frame allowance that allows plan members to purchase frames at independent or retail participating providers, explains the Blue Cross Blue Shield Federal Employee program. Participants can also receive free frames from the FEP Blue Vision collection at an independent participating provider.

FEP BlueVision also allows members to receive current lens technology for little to no money out of pocket. The plan offers set prices for its lens options, according to the Blue Cross Blue Shield Federal Employee program. Depending on a plan member's benefit option and frame type, he may receive, at no cost, ultraviolet lens coatings, plastic photosensitive lenses, polycarbonate lenses and a one-year breakage warranty. The plan offers premium progressive lenses and premium anti-reflective coatings to its members at reduced prices.

Plan members may choose between the standard or high benefit options, reports the Blue Cross Blue Shield Federal Employee Program. Members may elect to have coverage for themselves only, for themselves plus one additional person, or for themselves and their families. With either plan, a participant receives one eye exam per year, one set of lenses per year and one set of frames every two years.