What Are the Benefits of Device Registration?

The benefits of device registration include access to special extended warranties that may cover repairs and replacements under certain circumstances and the ability to prove valid ownership of the device without retaining the proof of purchase. The specific features of device registration may vary between products and companies.

Some companies may require customers to register devices in order to gain access to special services, such as technical support, product replacement programs and product protection programs, as registration automatically provides the company with the appropriate details about the device. Registering a device with a company also lets the owner provide proof of ownership during any future correspondences with the customer service department.

One common method for device registration is through filling out the physical registration card that comes with the device, which typically contains questions that cover various aspects of the buyer's personal life. In many cases, it is not necessary to fill out these cards in order to claim access to basic warranty benefits, but registration may add years of warranty coverage. Customers should read any accompanying warranty documentation to understand their rights before sending in any registration cards. These documents may also list alternate methods for registering the product, such as a registration website or a support phone number.