What Are the Benefits of a Commercial Exhaust Hood?

The main benefits of a commercial exhaust hood include the elimination of cooking odors, a safer work environment and continued compliance with health and safety laws. Commercial exhaust hoods remove hot, contaminated air from a room, allowing cool, clean air to replace it.

Commercial exhaust hoods are used in commercial kitchens. Positioned over the cooking surfaces, the exhaust hoods draw the hot air from the grill, along with the small grease and smoke particles that inevitably arise when cooking for customers. This results in a safer, cleaner working environment which can improve worker efficiency and reduce maintenance and health care costs. Exhaust hoods also help eliminate cooking odors and moisture.

Commercial kitchens must comply with health and safety regulations on the federal, state and local level. Regulators conduct regular inspections, including inspections of required equipment such as commercial exhaust hoods. Continued compliance with these regulations is another benefit of having a commercial exhaust hood.

Other industries also benefit from the use of commercial exhaust hoods. Factories use exhaust hoods to remove hot air and toxic fumes. Warehouses utilize commercial exhaust hoods to remove stale, dust-filled air. Laboratories benefit from the use of specialized fume exhaust hoods, which isolate or ventilate experiment areas to control toxic vapors and other contaminants that may result as a by-product of chemical or biological testing.