What Benefits Do Coca Cola Employees Receive?

The Coca-Cola Company offers benefits such as medical and dental coverage, paid vacation and holidays, and tuition reimbursement to employees who work in the United States. Retirement benefits are also available, including a contribution-matching program and a company-funded plan.

Additional health and welfare benefits include life insurance for employees and dependents, flexible spending accounts to help cover uninsured medical expenses, and short- and long-term disability benefits for employees who become unable to work. Travel insurance for business travel covers things that go wrong when an employee is traveling for the company.

Other workplace benefits include a mentoring program to help employees expand their business and social networks, a vacation purchase program, and on-site amenities for employee use, such as a dry cleaning service, credit union and concierge service. The Coca-Cola Company's competitive compensation structure, the Red Tag employee rewards program and an annual merit review encourage employees to put their best foot forward.

Coca-Cola also offers lifestyle and financial benefits, including adoption assistance, discounts to local gyms, a vehicle discount plan, scholarship programs and a two-to-one gifts matching program. Job sharing and telecommuting benefits allows employees to work around the typical constraints of a set schedule when circumstances demand more flexibility.