What Are the Benefits of CIGNA PPO Dental Insurance?

What Are the Benefits of CIGNA PPO Dental Insurance?

Benefits of Cigna PPO dental insurance include access to a large national network of dentists, convenient payment and billing options, quality customer service and automatic claim submission, according to the Cigna website. Cigna members do not need to choose a primary dentist, and referrals are unnecessary for specialist care.

The Cigna website offers numerous online features to members, such as the ability to make a claim and pay or view bills. The myCigna mobile application allows Cigna members to provide identification, find a dentist or check coverage from a mobile phone.

Cigna has over 135,000 unique dentists in its network, as of 2015. Cigna dental plan holders have the option to use in-network and out-of-network providers. Cigna recommends staying within the network in order to get the most value.

The company offers individual dental plans for people of all ages, explains Cigna. The dental plans cover preventative maintenance, such as routine x-rays and cleanings, as well as basic care that includes basic restorative work and non-routine x-rays. It also provides coverage for major services such as root canals, crowns and bridges.

Cigna dental plans include the myCigna Dental Preventive plan, the myCigna Dental 1000 plan and the myCigna Dental 1500 plan, according to the Cigna website. The plans vary depending on the holder's budget and health requirements.