What Benefits Does Blue Cross Blue Shield Have for California Residents?

Blue Cross Blue Shield offers California residents health insurance coverage for routine and specialist doctor office visits, diagnostic procedures, hospital stays, emergency care and pediatric care, including vision and dental coverage. Blue Cross Blue Shield also has copay plans for non-traditional medical services, such as acupuncture and chiropractic sessions. Subscribers may also benefit from reduced costs of generic and brand name medication with Blue Cross Blue Shield of California, according to the company's website.

As with many insurance companies, Blue Cross Blue Shield of California has several levels of plans for subscribers. Policyholders can choose among plans labeled "Bronze," "Silver," Gold" and "Platinum." These plans are designed for individuals and families. Their deductibles, copay amounts and annual out-of-pocket maximum expenses vary depending on whether coverage is for one person or a family.

Plans in the bronze category have a lower monthly premium. However, their benefits are available only after policyholders meet an established deductible, according to the Blue Cross Blue Shield website. Plans in this category include "Bronze 60" and "Bronze 60 HSA."

The silver level has four separate plans. All offer a wider range of benefits to members even before subscribers meet their deductibles. As with the bronze plans, silver plan subscribers pay a copay for everything except preventative care, pediatric dental exams and pediatric eye exams.

The gold and platinum level plans have the highest monthly payments. However, they offer benefits to subscribers with a zero-deductible payment. They also have the lowest out-of-pocket maximum payments for individuals and families and cover the cost of prescription medication.