What Are the Benefits of Blue From American Express?

As of 2015, Blue from American Express provides its customers with the benefit of having purchase protection, notes American Express. Another advantage to the card is the Global Assist Hotline. The American Express Blue credit card also offers car rental loss and damage insurance.

The Blue card covers eligible rental cars in the case of damaged or stolen cars, according to American Express. This type of coverage is only secondary coverage and does not include any liability coverage. The Blue card's purchase protection feature covers eligible purchases up to 90 days from the time of the purchase in the event of theft of the card or damage to the card. Additionally, the Global Assist hotline can support travelers, such as in the case of locating misplaced or lost passports or luggage.

Users of the Blue card also get a year-end summary of the account, notes American Express. This summary lists detailed spending habits indicating the focus of a consumer's expenditures classified into categories such as restaurants. Customers can download this overview in either a PDF or Excel file format for later use.

The company also gives its cardholders the benefit of having an extended warranty of items automatically purchased, notes American Express. However, it does not require the consumer to enroll. Users also get access to the company's reward system and use these rewards to purchase gift cards and other products. Finally, consumers can dispute a charge online.