What Are Some Benefits of Belonging to Blue Access?


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Blue Access is an online portal for Blue Cross and Blue Shield subscribers that offers access to health records, explanations of benefits, and extra information on demand. Users can pay health premiums, look up providers, estimate the cost of procedures and medications, and order cards and documents.

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One major benefit of Blue Access is instant access to benefit booklets and other insurance documents. Knowing what a procedure will cost before going in for it can help prevent unpleasant billing surprises, and access to prescription lists can help patients and providers find the right medication for the problem and the subscriber's budget. In addition, any changes to plans or documents are collected online, so customers never have to worry about having out-of-date information.

Access to online provider directories is also a major benefit of Blue Access. Many modern insurance plans rely on carefully cultivated networks of providers, and having a service performed out of network can drastically increase the bill or even eliminate coverage entirely. Subscribers can use Blue Access to look up facilities and specialists before they go in, ensuring that everything will be properly covered.

Blue Access also serves as a repository for medical EOB documents, providing a complete and up-to-date list of procedures performed and benefits used. These can be important when calculating out-of-pocket maximums or deductibles, helping patients keep track of their benefits for the year.

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