What Are Some of the Benefits of Being a Psychologist?

benefits-being-psychologist Credit: Andrew Rich/Vetta/Getty Images

Career Profiles lists two of the major advantages of being a psychologist as having a flexible schedule and being able to make a difference in the lives of others. High earning potential and self-employment prospects are other factors that draw people to the field of psychology.

While any medical profession has its difficult aspects, Career Profiles explains that most psychologists greatly enjoy helping their patients tackle difficult issues. From severe mental illness to traumatic events and life coaching, psychologists are able to help patients overcome various emotional obstacles in their lives.

According to Degree Directory, psychologists tend to benefit from very flexible schedules. Even those who are not self-employed can choose how many patients they see within the practice and when. The website explains that psychologists working in industrial or governmental settings may not have as much flexibility, but those positions often make up for it with benefits and job security.

The Degree Directory also notes that the average salary for psychologists in 2013 was $74,310, which is significantly higher than the national average of $46,440 for all occupations. With high earning prospects and the chance to make a difference in the life of each patient they see, psychology is a career option with numerous advantages.