What Are the Benefits of Being a Pastry Chef?

Advantages of becoming a pastry chef include the less-than-standardized path a person's career can take and not being required to follow a predetermined path. Pastry chefs also usually apply creative expression to their work, which can be rare in other kitchen positions.

Because many components of desserts are made in advance, the work of a pastry chef is not as rushed or fast-paced as other chef or kitchen roles. Pastry chefs are able to use more than their advanced skills in baking and pastry arts by applying creative expression to their work. For those who focus on chocolate creation and cake decorating and design, this is especially true.

For the pastry chef who is driven to succeed, opportunities to start a business or take on management roles or executive pastry chef roles may arise. These opportunities all have the potential to be highly lucrative. Pastry chefs can be called upon to perform many job duties in a day of work. Often, pastry chefs plan dessert menus with other members of the kitchen staff to complement the rest of the menu. The development and testing of new pastries and desserts can also be the responsibility of the pastry chef. Other duties include the preparation of budgets for the pastry department and procuring ingredients and maintaining inventory.