What Are the Benefits of Being an Online School Teacher?

What Are the Benefits of Being an Online School Teacher?

Benefits of being an online teacher include getting to teach different kinds of students and subjects, being able to give each student more individualized attention, having the support of technology and having more freedom in choosing when to work. Benefits vary depending on factors such as student age, type of school and subject.

While a brick-and-mortar school teacher may have some diversity in the classroom, online teachers may have students from all over the state, rather than just the students within the school district area. Some online teachers teach students from all over the country, and some have students from around the world. Teachers may have the chance to teach special types of students, such as geniuses or child actors and athletes.

Online course offerings are often broader than what a standard school curriculum offers, so online teachers may get to teach subjects they would not have in a regular classroom. They may be able to teach languages besides Spanish or French. Science teachers may teach engineering to advanced middle school students.

Many teachers wish they could work more closely with each student, and for online teaching, individualized attention is a requirement. Online teachers can customize the learning for student aptitudes and interests, and they contact each student regularly by email, phone or web session.

Most online courses use a learning management system, software that stores course content, accepts and sometimes grades assignments and tests, and tracks student attendance and progress. This frees teachers from some course administration duties and lets them more quickly see when a student is having trouble, so they can intervene sooner.

Most online courses are somewhat or completely asynchronous, meaning that both teacher and students can work when it's convenient for them. Online teachers can often work from home much of the time.