What Are the Benefits of Being a Manulife Financial Plan Member?

Manulife Financial offers a variety of financial services around the world, including life insurance, long-term care services, pension products and other investment products, as Manulife Financial claims. The specific features of individual plans vary.

Manulife offers investment and insurance plans to institutions and individuals through an international network of agents, as stated by Manulife. The company offers insurance products that allow customers to make health, dental, life, disability and other insurance claims. Benefit plans outside of employment are available for purchase on an individual basis for coverage of prescription drugs, dental services and health care benefits. Individual accidental death and dismemberment insurance plans are also available outside a group plan. Individual plans may be purchased directly, or patients may convert group plans into individual coverage at a later date.

Flexible coverage with custom health benefits is available to part-time, contract and self-employed workers, as noted by Manulife. Medical and dental claims may be submitted online directly by the patient or the provider. Detailed coverage information posted online helps patients determine the services covered under specific plans. For some services, a cost estimate from the provider is required before the procedure. Manulife must notify the patient of how much the plan reimburses.