What Are Some Benefits of Being an Employee at Macy's?

Some of the benefits of being a Macy's employee include direct deposit paychecks, medical and dental coverage, flexible shift schedules, and associate discounts for the employee and eligible family members. Select locations also offer commuter benefits that translate into savings on transportation costs.

The Macy's benefits package is a customizable plan designed with work-life balance in mind. Employees build personal health plans based on family needs and budgetary restrictions and select optional benefits that complement their lifestyles. Plan members have access to the Employee Assistance Program for personal coaching and advice on health and family-care matters. The Live Healthy program sponsors a variety of proactive opportunities, including health screenings, flu-shot clinics, and sessions to help employees quit smoking. Eligible employees have the option of contributing to retirement savings through payroll deduction.

Macy's encourages professional development through the tuition assistance program, which reimburses eligible employees for the successful completion of approved postgraduate courses. The adoption assistance program provides financial benefits and paid time off to defray adoptions costs and give new parents the necessary time to adjust to the change in family dynamics. Short-term and long-term disability benefits are available to part-time and full-time employees in the event of illness or injury that interferes with the ability to work.

The Macy's Employee Connection and IN-SITE websites allow employees to view and manage benefits and pay records online.