What Are Some Benefits of Being an Employee for General Dynamics?

What Are Some Benefits of Being an Employee for General Dynamics?

Benefits of working at General Dynamics include above-average pay, a savings and stock investment plan, and comprehensive medical coverage. The company employs mechanics, machinists and systems management professionals, as well as systems, software and mechanical engineers.

In mid-2015, compensation at General Dynamics was above the U.S. average at $72,000 per year. Professionals' salaries ranged from $75,000 per year for junior engineers to $170,000 for consulting engineers. Customer service representatives made about $11.60 an hour, and engineering interns made about $21 an hour. The 401k matching contribution from the company is 5 percent, notes GlassDoor.com.

Medical coverage includes dental and vision. The company also offers life, long-term disability and other types of insurance. General Dynamics provides reimbursement for out-of-pocket medical costs and child care. It also provides group legal services.

General Dynamics says its many different benefits packages can be tailored to individual employees' needs. The company has two websites through which employees manage their pay details and get information on benefits packages. They can update direct deposit accounts and print pay statements and W2 forms.

General Dynamics, the manufacturer of airplanes, weapons systems, submarines and computers, says that it acts ethically and with integrity, and that it rewards achievements and invests in training and developing employees.