What Are Some Benefits of Being a Doctor?

Some perks of being a doctor are the high esteem received from fellow members of society, the considerable average income received, excellent medical benefits and permanent job stability, according to Faizah Imani of the Houston Chronicle. As of 2014, doctors receive an average hourly wage of $88.78, or an annual salary of $184,650. They are paid highest in Mississippi, and specialist doctors are the topmost earners.

Tara Kuther, Ph.D., writes for About.com that several additional advantages to becoming a doctor include helping the community, always learning new things as new medical advancements are made, saving people's lives and having the opportunity to train new doctors as they rise through the ranks. Julie D. Andrews of The Nest notes that some doctors are able to lead or participate in exciting medical studies to support the betterment of patient care. This type of activity can be especially rewarding in instances in which a doctor's research is responsible for a medical breakthrough. Doctors are also humbled and realize the importance of their work when they care for patients who are diagnosed with a serious illness, because it is common in these situations for patients to glean a new outlook on life and appreciate their time in a new way, according to Andrews.