What Are the Benefits of Being a Comdata Cardholder?


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Among the benefits of being a Comdata cardholder is the ability to receive money without paying transaction fees, no waiting in lines and no need for a bank account, according to Comdata Payroll MasterCard. It is also safer than cash and deals with the problems associated with stolen or lost cards.

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Since a Comdata card has a MasterCard logo, a cardholder can access money at no fee through point-of-sale transactions, ATM transactions, ComCheck drafts and bank tellers, states Comdata. ATMs where transactions can be made at no fee must have the Cirrus logo. Cardholders can also get cash back with their ATM transactions. They must select the debit option on the card reader, and then enter their pin, before requesting cash.

Cardholders can also check their financial balance online by going to their Payroll account online, explains Comdata. Other actions they can carry out include suspending their cards, viewing account activities and creating a bank-to-card transaction. They can also check their balance for free by calling or enrolling in the free text service.

Comdata card offers its members a safer option compared to cash, according to the company. If a card is lost, the holder notifies Comdata Cardholder Services, and the card is suspended immediately. A cardholder can also suspend a card online until he can request Comdata Cardholder Services to reissue it. This prevents any transactions being made using the card.

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