What Are the Benefits Available to TexanPlus HMO Providers?

Health care providers who cater to the needs of TexanPlus HMO patients enjoy benefits such as access to Universal American's provider resource center, which includes reference guides, claims information, reference materials and training resources, states Universal American. They can also use the ProviderLink portal, which is a secure site that lets them perform self-service transactions.

Using the ProviderLink portal, health care providers access provider-level demographic information, eligibility and benefit information about members, claims information, and submission and validation of authorizations, notes Universal American. Total Care, a Today's Options of the New York Health Plan page, features health forms and tools for providers caring for patients with Family Health Plus, Child Health Plus or Medicaid Managed Care plans.

Unlimited inpatient hospital stay; free primary care physician visits; free diagnostic tests, procedures and lab services; and free diabetes self-management training are some of the benefits of the TexanPlus Classic HMO health plan as of 2015, reports U.S. News & World Report. Patients pay a set copay during the first five days of an inpatient hospital stay and pay nothing daily starting from the sixth day. They pay only 20 percent of the cost of diagnostic and therapeutic radiology services and outpatient X-rays.