What Are Some Benefits Available on Michigan's MI Bridges?

What Are Some Benefits Available on Michigan's MI Bridges?

MI Bridges is an online site that allows Michigan residents to apply for health care coverage, emergency services, food and cash assistance, and financial help for child care, according to the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services. MDHHS operates the MI Bridges website.

Residents who want health care coverage through the federal Medicaid program or Michigan's MI Child and Healthy Michigan Plan programs use the MI Bridges application, states MDHHS. The federal Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program provides food assistance.

Michigan provides cash assistance to pregnant women and low-income families who qualify for benefits after they apply through MI Bridges, according to MDHHS. Recipients must enter a 21-day program to assess job readiness and connect them with clients to help with issues such as child care, literacy and transportation.

Michigan residents who seek emergency services, such as help with housing and utility costs as well as burial assistance, use MI Bridges, states MDHHS. The program provides cash assistance for expenses and connects recipients with non-profit groups that give non-cash assistance. The program also includes a Weatherization Assistance Program to help recipients reduce their utility expenses.

Michigan residents who entered the United States under refugee status, as well as migrant and seasonal workers, also are eligible for assistance programs, according to MDHHS. People in these groups use MI Bridges to apply for benefits.