What Benefits Are Available to Employees of Coca-Cola?

Benefits for Coca-Cola employees in the United States include healthcare coverage, retirement investments and tuition reimbursement, dental coverage and a flexible workplace environment. Benefits vary among Coca-Cola offices in the U.S., but all offer some type of health and financial coverage, along with a diverse workplace and collaborative work environment. Employees typically receive vacation time and flexible work opportunities, including working remotely, along with on-site conveniences, such as free parking and dry cleaning.

Coca-Cola boasts a broad benefits package for its employees of all ages. Medically, its employees receive full medical coverage for regular physicians' visits, as well as dental procedures and specialized medical treatment, such as optometry.

The health coverage package Coca-Cola offers also includes general welfare benefits. These benefits include life insurance and accident insurance for employees and their families. This package includes comprehensive disability coverage too. In addition to offering benefits outside the workplace, Coca-Cola boasts a personable work atmosphere. It offers employee training programs, a business casual dress code, mentorship programs and special employee groups.

It encourages a healthy lifestyle through paid time off, discounts to local fitness centers and flexible working hours. Coca-Cola offers retirement savings plans, including a 401(k), and gives scholarships for undergraduate education to dependents of employees. Lastly, employees enjoy a matching gifts program and receive discounts on company products.