What Are the Benefits of an Access Payroll?


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The benefits of an access payroll include 24/7 access to payroll information, the ability to update personal information quickly and easily and easy access to pay stubs. By accessing the information available through an access payroll, employees can avoid relying on management for timely updates.

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Other benefits of an access payroll include the ability to view and confirm employment status and salary, the capability to view and update bank information for direct deposit purposes and the convenience of accessing a W-2 online for taxes. In addition, this information is typically kept in the same database as 401(k) and FSA information, which keeps employees from having to search for their payroll information in multiple places.

Aside from the employee perks of an access payroll, using a paperless outlet is environmentally-friendly and reduces office clutter. It also saves management time by not having to answer all employee inquiries directly. Depending on the employer, some employee editorial capabilities may be managed more closely. In order to access a payroll, employees are required to provide log-in information, which is typically provided by the employer. If an employee is unsure about how to use an access payroll, a manager or human resources specialist should be consulted.

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