What Are Some Benefits of Above Ground Gas Tanks?


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Above ground gas tanks are safer, more convenient and less expensive than underground gas tanks. These tanks are often present on farms and rural homes, where it is difficult to transport fuel, making safety a top priority. Because the gas tank is in plain view, the owner can quickly perform routine inspections.

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When an inspection detects a leak or other problem with the gas tank, the ease pf access of an above ground tank reduces the repair cost. Underground tanks must be excavated before they can be patched or replaced. Leaks in above ground gas tanks are also less likely to contaminate the local ground water. Installing fueling pads under the tank minimizes the amount of spilled gas that will hit the ground.

Above ground tanks are cheaper to install because they only require a concrete slab and footing. If traffic patterns and fueling requirements change, the tank can be moved to another location without requiring a major excavation project. Fire department and local environmental agency regulations are typically more lenient for above ground installations because of their reduced risk to the environment. Fire is the main hazard with an above ground tank. Most of today's above ground gas tanks are built from steel to minimize the fire risk.

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