What Benefits Does AARP Medicare Complete Offer?


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The AARP Medicare Complete plan offers a variety of benefits, such as a zero copayment on specific preventive procedures and services, coverage of medical care around the world and zero monthly premiums on some plans, reports AARP. In some states, the plan offers unlimited inpatient stay, reports U.S. News.

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The Medicare Complete plan issued by United Healthcare is an add-on plan for subscribers who are covered under existing Medicare Part A and Part B plans, states AARP. The plan offers several benefits in addition to the hospital and physician services covered by Part A and Part B. Subscribers to this plan enjoy an annual cap on out-of-pocket spending, regular eye examinations and predictable copayments for certain medical procedures, explains AARP.

Other benefits of a Medicare Complete plan include zero deductible, added prescription drug coverage, access to over 65,000 pharmacies, and prescription drug coverage that requires payments of $2 through United Healthcare's trademarked Pharmacy Saver program, explains AARP. Medicare Complete plan coverage varies from state to state. In Kentucky, the AARP Medicare Complete HMO Plan 2 covers emergency room care if a patient is admitted within 24 hours, free diabetes monitoring and a 20 percent copayment on some services, such as outpatient hospital charges, certain diagnostic tests, durable medical equipment and prosthetic devices. Other benefits include low copayments on primary physician visits and lab services, reports U.S. News.

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