How Do You Find Belize Oceanfront Property?

Listings for Belize oceanfront property are available at and is a Maryland-based company that lists villas, homes, condominiums, property and apartments for sale in Belize. Each listing has a photo, description of the property, selling price and a Belize contact number or link to a site. lists oceanfront properties in locations throughout the world in addition to those in Belize.

CPC Real Estate Solutions, whose website is, specializes in diverse listings in areas of Belize, such as Cayo, Hopkins, Maya Beach and Punta Gorda. This website lists beach and lagoon lots, homes and condominiums, and development and island property. CPC Real Estate Solutions offers information about retirement living in Belize, geography, visa requirements, and information about the people and culture. Each listing has a photo bank, property information that users can print or receive via email, and an inquiry form. The company also offers property tours and referrals for accommodations with discounts.

Belize is an English-speaking country that allows a property owner to acquire full title. As of 2015, there is no inheritance tax or capital gains tax in Belize. People who are 45 years or older can qualify for the Belize retirement program. A person who has been designated Qualified Retired can import personal effects and an approved means of transportation, such as a boat, car, or light aircraft, for free.