What Is Being a Travel LPN Like?


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Being a Travel Licensed Practical Nurse involves many of the same duties as a stationary nurse, including providing diagnostic and long-term care for patients, conducting basic health diagnostics, checking medications and aiding in physical therapy. However, it also involves varying degrees of travel, flexible hours and additional efforts to comply with state and local regulations.

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The most significant aspect of a career as a Travel Licensed Practical Nurse is the requirement to travel to different locations to provide care. Most nurses work within specific hospitals or care facilities on set schedules, whereas a Travel Licensed Practical Nurse often moves between several locations according to the needs of each facility. For example, such a nurse may work different shifts at several long-term care facilities within a city or fulfill short-term contracts at different locations within several states. As such, the job typically involves additional driving to visit each location and housing and airfare arrangements to work in some locations.

Other than the travel, the daily roles of a Travel Licensed Practical Nurse resemble that of other nursing positions, subject to the needs of the location. Many jobs include conducting patient screenings and diagnostics, filling out medical charts, taking temperatures or blood pressure and administering simple procedures. Some facilities may also require the nurse to provide more detailed care to patients with disabilities or special needs.

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