What Are Some Facts About Being a Hospital Food-Service Worker?


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Hospital food-service workers perform duties such as preparing and delivering trays to patients. They push carts between the halls and the ward kitchen, and place trash to designated areas. Aspirants for the job should have at least a high-school graduation and possess qualities such as being reliable and a team player. Their annual salary ranges between $16,000 and $31,000, as of 2015.

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What Are Some Facts About Being a Hospital Food-Service Worker?
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Hospital food-service workers set the food mixes for each patient during mealtime. For each patient, a color-coded card guides the service workers on the foods to serve. Once the patients get their share, the service workers set up the dining area for the visitors and hospital staff. The workers then collect and clean the dirty utensils in preparation for the next meal. They may also record the quantities of special foods served to patients.

Food-service workers train the current dietary trainees and help in orientation of new employees. The workers have to conform to hospital guidelines when handling or disposing of hazardous compounds. They take orders from physicians to measure and deliver tube feedings or oral nourishment to patients. Hospital food-service workers observe the eating habits of patients and note eating practices that may contribute to poor nutritional care.

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