What Does Being a Concert Promoter Include?


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The main job duties of being a concert promoter are hosting live shows for bands at clubs and events and then promoting the concert. The more promotion the concert promoter provides, the more money everyone makes from the concert.

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The main objective for a concert promoter is to put together concerts. Although this is a very large part of the job itself, there are many more important activities associated with this job to ensure everything goes smoothly and money is actually made. Hitting a break even point is a good thing, but not in concert promotion.

The concert promoter is responsible not only for finding and booking talent, but ensuring every aspect of a show goes well. This includes catering, electronics of a show and advertising, among numerous other pieces of work. The concert promoter is the one to contact about the live shows and music, they are responsible for ensuring the band gets paid and that the crowd will like the music.

Promoters also handle the lighting and electronics, such as the sound and speakers at concerts. If they cannot personally ensure this runs right, they have to hire someone to make sure the sound is optimal. If food will be served, catering falls on the concert promoter. All the small details involved with planning an event will fall on the concert promoter. If they do not do well enough to make a profit, the concert promoter has to cover all the costs out of their own pocket.

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