How Do You Begin to Teach Math Abroad?


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In order to teach math abroad, one must ensure that he or she is qualified to teach in the destination country, and that he or she possesses a work visa for that country. Depending on where the person wants to teach, he may or may not need a teaching certificate.

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In order to teach math abroad, it is usually easier to work with a teacher placement company. These companies help applicants find teaching jobs, help them organize work visas and even help arrange travel plans and accommodations.

However, applicants can also take a more direct approach. If desired, a prospective teacher can contact the school directly and apply for a teaching post. For example, if the prospective candidate is qualified to teach math at the high school or college level, he can simply send an application to a foreign school. If the school believes that the application looks promising, the school may be willing to sponsor that teacher and help him get a work visa.

In some cases, it may be possible to teach math without a formal teaching certificate. If a person has experience with math, he may be able to volunteer to teach it in a small rural school through a charity organization.

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