How Do You Begin Fundraising With the Great Lakes Scrip Center?


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Organizations can join the Great Lakes Scrip Center fundraiser program by visiting its website and picking a program category to get started. Program categories include general, public school, church, athletic team and band/music group. Organizations must then choose program duration and goals and submit an online sign up form.

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After selecting a preferred Great Lakes Scrip Center program category, an organization needs to choose either a limited time fundraiser or an ongoing one. Next, an organization must choose one or more program goals, which include maintaining popular gift card inventory for sale and sharing earnings with members. Organizations can choose to run a limited, classic or classic plus fundraiser, and each has specific benefits. Limited fundraisers are ideal for short-term seasonal goals and organizations are able to schedule fundraisers whenever people are more likely to desire gift cards.

The Scrip classic program is commonly selected for ongoing fundraisers and includes physical gift cards sold in person at organization events and online access to purchases. Its classic plus program allows organizations to stock popular gift cards, which are available electronically. Enrollment in Scrip programs is free and organizations receive help with customizing a program. Funds are raised by promoting Scrip gift cards to individuals who use the cards to make purchases of everyday items, and organizations earn a percentage of purchases.

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