How Do You Begin a Career in Stunt Driving?


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Begin a career in stunt driving by participating in a stunt driver training course to learn the fundamentals of the role, including the necessary safety precautions, and then participating in movies and television shows to gain entrance into the Screen Actor's Guild. Driver's also need to gain experience working in a stunt environment in addition to practicing driving stunt vehicles.

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The process for becoming a stunt driver involves a significant amount of training, often starting with an official course from a licensed stunt training school. These classes vary in length and focus on teaching students about how to safely operate stunt cars, which often feature configurations that differ from standard vehicles, including camera mounts or special hydraulics. The course also covers safety precautions for stunt work that help keep both the driver and the observers safe, such as how to react in a crash to avoid breaking bones and what to do if the car catches fire.

Regardless of the length of a course, drivers need to log an extensive amount of practice behind the wheel to strengthen the skills and conditions. Stunt drivers are also commonly part of the Screen Actor's Guild, which is a type of union for actors in film and television and requires a minimum number of appearances before joining. Drivers may need to work in other stunt roles, or as technicians or assistants on a movie, to gain the experience necessary to join the guild and work up to stunt driver roles.

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