How Do You Become a Youth Basketball Coach?


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A person can become a youth basketball coach by volunteering as a coach for his child's sports team or another local youth sports organization, such as the YMCA. Some of the online coaching organizations offer a series of trainings, videos and certification courses to make sure that coaches are well-versed in the proper ways to motivate and train children.

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The YMCA and other local organizations often provide training for their volunteer coaches. Before a volunteer is allowed to coach any children's sports team, it is usually mandatory for him to fill out an application, submit copies of official identification such as a driver's license or passport, and undergo full background and reference checks.

Parent volunteers are common in many local youth sports leagues, and there are several physical and online organizations that offer advice on how to most effectively coach children in various sports. Coaches can be very influential in the lives of young children, and several of the online youth coaching companies focus on teaching positive coaching techniques. The goal is to not only to help the coaches get the most out of the experience, but also to help them avoid behaviors or words that may negatively impact the experience of the children.

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